Posted November 1, 2021

Sparkle Products acquires A.J. Funk and Co. assets

Newly formed Sparkle Products LLC announced its acquisition of the business assets of A. J. Funk and Co., based in Elgin, Illinois.

Sparkle Products LLC is a sister company of Baron Manufacturing Company, a national and international hardware distributor and supplier located in Itasca, Illinois.

“We are excited to bring our decades of distribution experience to the Sparkle line of cleaning products,” said Robert McKinney Jr., chief executive officer, Sparkle Products LLC. “Cleaning products are a growing industry projected to reach $46.9 billion U.S. by 2026. We are excited to be part of this growth by bringing the iconic purple Sparkle Glass Cleaner into more homes and businesses across the United States.”

For the last 75 years, A.J. Funk and Co. has been known for its Sparkle Glass Cleaner with its unique purple color and ability to remove tough grease and grime without streaking. A.J. Funk acquired the formulation after World War II when it was originally used to clean dirty buildup on gunner sights on airplanes. He took notice of its ability to clean without smearing and residue, and started making it in a backroom at his paper company.

“Sparkle” and its brilliant purple color became well-known throughout Illinois where distribution began in Elgin by paper salesmen. Today, millions of gallons a year of the famous “Sparkle Glass Cleaner,” Microscope Lens Cleaner and Flat Screen Glass Cleaner are made by the company. Sparkle Glass Cleaner is both alcohol- and ammonia-- free and can be used on a variety of surfaces including window, mirrors, plexiglass, chrome, bathroom fixtures, stainless steel and microwave ovens.

Patrick Funk, owner/president, A.J. Funk & Co. says, “We are excited to share this news with our long-standing customers. The synergies between Sparkle Products LLC and the Baron Manufacturing Company will strengthen the Sparkle brand and expand Sparkle Glass Cleaner and other cleaning products distribution throughout the United States. We are confident this new senior management team will preserve the tradition of Sparkle and bring new opportunities for growth.”

The acquisition closed on Oct. 18, 2021