Posted November 17, 2021

Blackmer adding to manufacturing footprint

Pump and compresssor manufacturer Blackmer has begun a construction and renovation project at its Grand Rapids, Michigan, headquarters.

When fully completed in June 2023, the project will add 56,000 square feet of new manufacturing, office, R&D, and training space that will create more than 50 new jobs for the West Michigan community and help grow the Blackmer operation.

"The new 56,000 square foot structure will deliver many benefits for Blackmer, our customers, and the community. As a result, we will be even better positioned to continue providing innovative, high-quality pump products with unparalleled product performance to our customers," said Bob Lauson, general manager of Blackmer.

The project officially started in March 2021 with a pre-construction and preparation phase. The plant expansion phase of the project starts in January 2022. The anticipated completion date for the facility expansion is December 2022. Once new construction has been concluded, renovation of the existing building will begin with an anticipated completion date of June 2023.

"As we implement this project, we have been working with our construction partners to minimize any potential disruptions of our internal operations, ensuring that Blackmer can continue to meet the needs of customers while construction is ongoing," added Lauson.

The new building and renovated facility will feature several environmental benefits that will help Blackmer reduce its carbon footprint. Among the changes will be up-to-date and energy-efficient lighting, heating, air-conditioning and manufacturing systems. Additionally, the project will allow Blackmer to maintain the appropriate amount of green space within the facility property.

Blacker, part of PSG, a Dover company, is a provider of positive displacement, regenerative turbine and centrifugal pump, and reciprocating compressor technologies for the transfer of liquids and gasses. Blackmer pumps and compressors are used in applications in the process, energy, military and marine markets.