Posted November 18, 2021

PT WORK Force raises $250,000

Companies and individuals in the power transmission/motion control industry helped raise $250,000 for the PT WORK Force initiative of the PTDA Foundation.

PT WORK ForceAs the employment landscape continued to change in 2021, more than ever, employers required resources and tools to seek, retain and support quality employees. For those in the power transmission/motion control (PT/MC) industry, the need is even greater as companies look to build an essential workforce. The PT WORK Force initiative of the PTDA Foundation exists to develop programs to support the recruitment and retention efforts of PT/MC companies.

“Despite the challenges that emerged during the past 20 months, PT WORK Force consistently produced quality programs and resources to bolster the endeavors of those seeking to advance the PT/MC workforce,” said Keith Nowak of MPT Drives Inc. in Madison Heights, Michigan, 2021 PTDA Foundation president.

Across all job functions—warehouse workers to sales executives and beyond—greater support is needed for employers to grow and develop staff. With nearly 40 percent of PT/MC companies lacking a dedicated HR professional, managing recruitment and retention becomes a secondary job function for other staff. PT WORK Force presents employers with a range of opportunities to assist them—from insightful and relevant content on and webinars on topics like stress management to an engaging Industry Summit presentation and panel on finding right-fit employees.

“Wherever there is a demand, PT WORK Force addresses it,” added Nowak. “One of the greatest needs today is counsel on how to onboard employees virtually. PT WORK Force answered by creating a guide to assist employers. Likewise, employers needing assistance drafting job postings can find examples through PT WORK Force resources. The PTDA Foundation continues to tap into the pulse of what PT/MC companies require to stock their HR toolbox.”