Posted November 20, 2023

Lucas Systems awarded top honors

Lucas Systems, a distribution center technology provider, was named the winner of the Innovative Tech category by the Pittsburgh Technology Council at its annual Tech 50 Awards event.

Lucas Systems helps companies transform their distribution center by dramatically increasing worker productivity, operational agility, and customer and worker satisfaction using speech recognition and AI optimization technologies. Its software is used in more than 400 warehouses worldwide.

Earlier this year, Lucas Systems was recognized for having ‘Best IT Innovation’ for its technologies that reduce warehouse worker travel. The recognition was by MHI at industry conference, ProMat 2023 in Chicago, a supply chain industry conference with an estimated 45,000 attendees. Lucas Systems’ winning entry was its Dynamic Work Optimization (DWO) product, which reduces warehouse worker travel by up to 50% and also reduces labor needed and improves profitability.

Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Tech 50 Awards is in its 27th year of celebrating the most successful companies in Southwestern Pennsylvania. More than 600 attendees gathered at The Westin on Thursday night to honor the tech community and its many contributions.

“We are very proud to be recognized by the Pittsburgh Technology Council as a leading tech innovator. Lucas Systems has been delivering innovative technologies for over 25 years to help make the jobs of warehouse workers easier, safer, and less stressful. In the tight labor market we are in today, this kind of technology can be a real competitive advantage for distribution companies struggling to hire and retain their workforce,” said Chief Marketing Officer Ken Ramoutar.