Posted November 21, 2019

Hartman acquires Levy Paper Company

Hartman Independent Company, a distributor of fastening and packaging solutions since 1948, has acquired the assets of Levy Paper Company, based in Morgan, Pennsylvania.

Levy Paper is a distributor of industrial packaging products with expertise in the engineering of specialty pressure-sensitive tapes. The goal of the purchase is for both Levy Paper and Hartman customers to be better served by expanding inventory of materials and products.

“For years, I heard about Levy Paper and their role in the packaging world," said Andrew Hartman, president and CEO of Hartman. "But it was its strength in adhesive tapes that had me intrigued. Our common manufacturers always referenced the team at Levy when they talked about the better tape distributors in our region. When the opportunity to acquire Levy Paper presented itself, those strengths became my motivation to add Levy Paper and its employees to the Hartman family.”

Levy Paper Company had its beginnings in 1963, primarily selling food packaging to bakeries in the Tri-State area. Levy expanded sales into industrial packaging in 1965 by selling pressure-sensitive tapes, labels, void fill, and packing paper. The company soon became well-known for engineering solutions specific to customer needs while protecting the brand value in the marketplace.

According to Stuart Levy, owner of Levy Paper Company. "The best part about this partnership is how it will mutely benefit our customers.”