Posted December 1, 2020

NewAge Industries expands warehouse capability

Plastic and silicone tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries expanded into a recently vacated warehouse at its headquarters in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

NewAge Industries warehouseThe manufacturer of AdvantaPure high purity products and BrewSavor hose for craft beer brewing has experienced significant growth over the past several years and needed more room to store tubing, reinforced hose, custom molded products, and assemblies.

“Business is brisk,” said Ken Baker, CEO. “Orders are coming in, which we’re very thankful for, and we need to make sure we’ve got plenty of space to store bulk tubing. No customer wants to hear ‘It’s out of stock.’”

The vacated area in NewAge’s building, previously leased to a tenant, allows for a redesign of current warehousing. The company will move a portion of its NewAge products, consisting mostly of PVC, polyurethane, silicone and other plastic tubing, to the newly-acquired space. This will allow storage of AdvantaPure products, primarily high purity silicone and TPE tubing, to expand into the space that formerly housed NewAge products. Uses for AdvantaPure products include sterile filling, pharmaceutical sampling and delivery systems, bioreactor processes, filtration, high purity fluid transfer, and vaccine development and production, including those involving COVID-19.

Using the new area increases NewAge’s overall storage space by an additional 25 percent. NewAge is also utilizing several thousand square feet of vacated office space. The company anticipates gaining efficiencies and upgrading technologies as part of the shift.

Another potential benefit of the new space is expansion of the company’s cleanroom manufacturing area for AdvantaPure’s high purity products such as platinum-cured silicone tubing and hose, Single-Use molded tubing assemblies, and its BioClosure® container closures. Completed only two years ago, the cleanrooms are approaching manufacturing capacity. With AdvantaPure product moving to areas that previously held NewAge product, it allows room for additional cleanrooms to be developed.

“When we moved into this building in 2000, we only needed one of its three warehouse sections, plus the main office space,” said Baker. “One empty warehouse section housed the Southampton Fire Company while their building was being renovated, and another section was empty for a while. We anticipated filling the whole building one day, and that day is here.”

NewAge Industries also has another expansion in process.

“We recently invested in a building just a few miles from our headquarters,” said Baker, “and following renovations, we’ll be manufacturing AdvantaPure products from there as well. It’s all part of our plan to continue growth and meet our customers’ demands.”