Posted December 6, 2021

Fastenal opens new corporate office

Fastenal has moved its corporate headquarters to a 97,600 square foot corporate office in downtown Winona, Minnesota.

Fastenal headquartersThe historic Mississippi riverfront site will host 450 Fastenal employees and provide an economic boost to downtown Winona.

"We saw this as a community service project," said Dana Johnson, vice president of corporate real estate at Fastenal. "We felt that if we brought 300-400 jobs downtown, it would help Winona grow and prosper by attracting small businesses to the riverfront, encouraging entrepreneurship, and become a vibrant place graduating college students would want to move to."

Designed by The Kubala Washatko Architects (TKWA), the mass timber frame building reflects an environmentally conscious design with timeless characteristics that pay homage to the downtown riverfront area, including locally sourced Winona stone and mixed media building materials. Intended to look like a hundred-year-old building from afar, the new office blends into Winona's historic landscape. Up close, modern features tout Fastenal's manufacturing and supply capabilities. From exposed X-bracing right down to every single nut and bolt, Fastenal products can be seen incorporated into the building.

C.D. Smith Construction of La Crosse, WIisconsin, managed the 16-month construction project. The original building concept consisted of a steel frame core. With a growing focus on building sustainability and advancing occupants' health and well-being, the project team at C.D. Smith and TKWA proposed an alternative mass timber frame.

"It's fascinating to learn about biophilia in architecture," Johnson said. "The wood gives our new building energy and a vibe of its own. People want to stay longer because the environment is appealing. It has also promoted bigger thinking and innovation. So much so that we are now looking at how to incorporate things we've learned on this project into our other locations."