Posted December 8, 2021

UpstartWorks adds EDI capabilities

UpstartWorks, an e-commerce commercialization platform company for industrial brands, has launched its electronic data interchange platform to automate and streamline vendor order processing, inventory management, and forecasting.

The new EDI platform allows vendors to connect directly and seamlessly with vendor portals, including Amazon Vendor Central, and replace manual tracking with real-time, automated inventory reporting.

“Our vision is to provide all the tools our customers need to not just succeed on the Amazon and other e-commerce platforms, but to operate efficiently and profitably by reducing operational inefficiencies,” said Melonie Carnegie, CEO of UpstartWorks. “Our new EDI platform eliminates time-consuming manual processes and streamlines order processing to avoid costly manual processes.”

The new EDI platform is available only through UpstartWorks’ client portal. This automated platform connects UpstartWorks with customers’ ERP systems and various e-commerce vendor portals, automating and tracking inventory in response to in-stock and dropship purchase orders. The automated platform replaces manual business processes to streamline incoming and outgoing document types, including POs, advance ship notices, and invoices—with a user experience that creates greater accessibility to legacy ERPs.

“We created our own EDI platform to specifically fit the needs of our customers,” said Carnegie. “To leverage the incredible and growing opportunity inherent to multiple e-commerce platforms, advanced, automated technology that scales at the speed of e-commerce is critical to success.”