Posted December 16, 2019

AHB Tooling & Machinery acquires Tool-Craft Supply

AHB Tooling & Machinery announced that it has acquired Tool-Craft Supply from Tool-Craft Industries of Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Tool-Craft Industries will continue to operate as an independent entity under the leadership of Chet Wilson, its president.

With the acquisition of Tool-Craft Supply, AHB customers now have access to the quality custom cutting tools for which Tool-Craft has become known. Additionally, Tool-Craft offers full special cutting tools with limited lead times, allowing you to increase productivity and save money.

“This is a great addition to AHB’s portfolio,” said Mike Gleason, AHB president. “With Tool-Craft, we not only add the ability to offer full special custom cutting tools to our customers, we deepen our relationship with many of our important suppliers.”

Jon Hays, vice president of AHB, said the acquisition benefits existing Tool-Craft customers. “With AHB, we not only offer a more robust offering of consumables, we also sell machinery. Tool-Craft customers will enjoy access to a substantially broader offering and unparalleled metalworking expertise.”

Gleason added that Tool-Craft customers will have the added benefit of saving time and money by dealing with fewer suppliers. AHB also offers full-service web ordering, stock checks and research capabilities to match the offerings of the larger catalog companies.