Posted December 17, 2020

Würth Action Bolt and Tool joins Würth Construction Services

Würth Industry North America (WINA) announced that Würth Action Bolt and Tool, a distributor of construction and industrial fasteners with 36 years of history, will join its new construction services division, Würth Construction Services.

Würth Action Bolt and Tool has been a member of the Würth Group since 1999 and was previously part of the Würth Wood Group based in Vernon Hills, Illinois.

Other companies belonging to the Würth Construction Services division are Würth House of Threads and Weinstock Bros. Würth Action Bolt and Tool supplies Würth with increased capability in the construction market and improves its ability to offer a wide range of end to end structural products, including fasteners, hand and power tools, and construction supplies and equipment. Würth Action Bolt and Tool, together with Würth House of Threads and Weinstock Bros., will provide expanded services to our structural customers across the United States, Mexico, Canada, and Brazil.

"We continue to be committed to achieving our strong growth targets, both organically and through key acquisitions. Würth Action joining the WINA family represents an important strategic opportunity to launch our Construction Services division," said Dan Hill, chief executive officer for Würth Industry North America, "This division will be our national platform to serve the construction industry, providing best in class supply chain solutions and cost savings for erectors and fabricators across North America."

"Würth Action Bolt and Tool's products and services expand our offerings and geographic presence to better service our construction customers, said Eric Wilk, vice president, East Region, Würth Industry North America. "The launch of our new division, Würth Construction Services, brings expanded product and service abilities to our national customers. We are excited to offer these new capabilities that support business growth for our customers."

"Joining the Würth Industry North America family, specifically the Construction Solutions division, means that we will continue to provide outstanding quality and successful partnerships but will also enhance available offerings to our customers. Würth Industry's North American network will provide greater resources and inventory expansion for our customers. The acquisition is the best choice for both our customers and employees, as joining the Würth Industry North America family will equate to business growth", said Shane Adams, director of operations at Würth Action Bolt and Tool.

The division's companies will operate on a shared system platform for optimal inventory visibility across multiple locations, which will offer improved service to regional and national customers. The new division will provide structural fastener components, inventory management, engineering support, kitting solutions, quality assurance, MRO and tooling, and PPE solutions for erectors, fabricators, contractors, and beyond to increase efficiency and lower cost. The new division will utilize its multiple locations across the U.S. to be the premier supply chain solutions provider to the construction industry.