Posted December 19, 2019

Fastenal introduces Product Locator app

Fastenal is rolling out a new Product Locator application to provide customers with a better opportunity to drive cost savings.

The Product Locator allows for simple or refined product searches based on either location or part.

Fastenal sees this new technology as a way for customers to stop spending time looking for parts. Instead, with the Product Locator, anyone in a shop can walk up to a touchscreen, do a search, and know exactly where to find what they need.

“Every minute spent hunting through drawers and bins is time you can’t use to finish your work,” said James Self, Fastenal’s director of sales for metalworking. “This is a game-changer. This takes our best dispensing device for cutting tools and makes it interactive and user-friendly.”

To start, the Product Locator application is being paired with the FAST10K drawer-only vending device. Once installed, it can be used to find parts across many devices within a facility or under an account. The company believes this will drive efficiency and help shops with multiple parts stored in drawers, such as metalworking, CNC operations, or building out a job sheet or job change.

“You don’t have to flip through a binder or read labels to find your part,” said Self. “You just use the touchscreen to search by part number, type of part, or really any piece of information you know about whatever part you’re looking for.”

Fastenal is offering the Product Locator application to current customers and new business opportunities