Posted December 30, 2022

Promotions announced at Logistics Supply

Donna Bruno, president of Logistics Supply, has announced three key personnel changes within the Charlotte, North Carolina-based redistribution company, beginning with Director of Sales Tanya Scarborough Greene who has been promoted to senior director of Sales.

Her new responsibilities include developing an e-commerce platform for distributors with the continued support of the sales manager and sales team. Scarborough Greene's background includes tech support for the New York Stock Exchange, market sales coordinator at W.W. Grainger, and owner of several e-commerce businesses and a full-service spa.

Jodi Kibbey, sales development manager, has been promoted to director of Sales Development, where she will continue to focus on sales development for the organization. She will also be leading the CD team and working with partners and brands to support new business growth. Since 2017, Jodi has held numerous positions with the company – sales representative, customer development manager, and sales development manager.

Brian Stark, sales manager of Buying Groups & Associations, has been promoted to director of Group Sales, where he will continue to expand the groups, and the growth within the groups, that Logistics will be working. He will also be working directly with independent rep groups on engagement and growth. Joining Logistics in 2013, Brian worked as an account manager and sales manager.

"We are excited to be entering 2023 stronger than ever, with a team of brand leaders passionate about the success of the organization, our people, and the distributors and brands we support," said Bruno.

“The management team is rounded out by our vice president of Sales Operations and Customer Service, Tena Schrader. Her 17 years with Logistics are invaluable to the team and continued success in providing operational efficiencies and exceptional customer service.

“We will be expanding our team, in 2023, with a sales manager position focusing on the support and development of the active sales team and a sales support specialist focusing on support tools for the team and sales initiatives and working closely with the CD team to expand the growth of our brands and new distributors,” Bruno added. “We will also be adding new talent to our sales team. The sales manager will report to Tanya and the sales support specialist and new sales teammates will be reporting to Jodi."