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Hose solutions

hose solutions

By Rich Vurva

Several major trends drive and influence new product development in the industrial hose market, such as customers’ needs, technological Innovation, environmental and regulation changes, new standards, and economic trends, according to Guy Enta, director of industrial and hydraulic hose for the Americas for ContiTech.

“We encourage distributors and end-users to bring us opportunities to improve their operations, efficiency, safety, and environmental performance so we can find unique hose solutions to solve those challenges,” he says.

Most hose manufacturers use the well-known STAMP (size, temperature, application, and pressure) mnemonic device to guide customers through the selection process.

Here’s a quick look at some of the latest offerings from suppliers.

ContiTech recently introduced ECO-Green gasoline dispensing Veneer hose. “This new gasoline dispensing hose line not only received UL 330 approval, met the new carb low permeation standard, which lowered the permeation requirement from 75 grams/m^2 per day of permeation to 10 grams/m^2 per day, but also meets the stringent Asia and EU standard of no-sulfur, low extraction,” Enta says.

Many new products are in the pipeline, he adds.

“We will introduce more high-end chemical hoses which can resist very harsh application conditions; food and beverage hoses which can resist high temperature, and stronger cleaning/sanitizing process. We’re also working on high working pressure compact hydraulic spiral hose designs and hydraulic hoses that are biodegradable fluid compatible. The bottom line is we are looking in any areas that will bring better, safer, and more reliable solutions to our customers.”

Flexaust recently introduced a new line of heavy-duty 13 oz. stitched hose that is engineered for high performance in air conditioning, dehumidification, and mild heating rental applications.

FLEXAUST FX-180 is a heavy-duty 13 oz. PVC scrim with a rip stop technology and lock stitch construction, a durable PVC wear strip to provide 360 degree external protection, and a high tensile spring steel wire per M-3001 for crush resistance. This A/C, heat, and dehumidification hose is ideal for rental applications requiring repeated pulling, dragging, and compressing.

Providing excellent tensile strength, FLEXAUST FX-180 resists UV, rot, and meets UL94V for flame resistance. Available in standard yellow, white, and black colors with belted cuffs, 12-inch to 24-inch diameter sizes and 25-foot lengths. Custom sizes and lengths to 50 feet are offered, as well as custom colors for OEMs and a variety of connection accessories.

CRP Industrial
CRP Industrial offers a new line of Tudertechnica Spiraltech Hoses that are specifically designed for outdoor use in environments that typically create high cover wear. The line fills a critical void in the industry for a high flow rate, high wear resistant hose design. Spiraltech has been specifically engineered to help prevent hose cover wear under abrasive conditions.

According to Guy Renshaw, vice president, CRP Industrial, “The exclusive cover configuration of our Spiraltech hoses fills an important need in the fluid delivery industry. Standard cloth finished hoses cannot handle the high wear environment and abrade very easily, especially on rough surfaces such as gravel. While some competitive hoses also use a spiral design, the spirals tend to separate from the hose. Our Spiraltech spirals are chemically bonded to the cover and become an integral part of the hose.”

This article originally appeared in the March/April 2016 issue of Industrial Supply magazine. Copyright 2016, Direct Business Media.


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