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Better signage improves processes

better signage

by John Hale

There’s always a need for streamlining warehouse operations to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency and flexibility. That has driven development of label and signage solutions around 5S concepts from the very beginning.

With the recent e-commerce boom, we’ve seen a massively increased need for more warehouses, particularly smaller fulfillment facilities. During this time we’ve doubled down on creating products that aid implementation of lean practices within warehouses. Not just labels and signage but expanding our tagging solutions as well.

bin labels
Increase efficiency and inventory management accuracy with custom bin labels. Generate barcodes, color-code and customize with images.

5S (or 6S if you include safety, which is more relevant than ever) requires continuous improvement. Avery Surface Safe durable removable labels and signage perfectly exemplifies how a product can allow warehouses to adapt to change.

The Surface Safe line includes labels for barcoding, bin or rack organization, as well as signage to assist in the sorting and standardizing practices, not to mention communicating health and safety protocols which came to the forefront during the pandemic. The ability to print Avery labels and adhesive signs on-site using standard laser printers makes it a fast and flexible process.

We’ve also been very excited to recently introduce printable reflective signs and labels, which help with visibility in low light and increase long-range scanning ability on barcode labels. All of this on top of durable organization supplies like heavy-duty binders, plastic dividers and heavy-weight sheet protectors that are long-lasting in warehouse conditions and our new packaged maintenance, repair and operations tags. Not to mention our award-winning printable asset tags.

John Hale is industrial sales manager for Avery Products Corporation.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2021 issue of Industrial Supply magazine. Copyright 2021, Direct Business Media.


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