Posted October 23, 2017

Airmaster washdown air circulators

Airmaster offers a series of Washdown Air Circulators for stainless steel food service applications.

Airmaster Washdown Air CirculatorAvailable in 20-inch, 115-volt and 24- and 30-inch 115/230-volt unit pack models, the Washdown Air Circulators are constructed with electro-polished 304 stainless steel and meet USDA and NSF requirements for “food zones.” Food zones include applications such as hospitals, dairy barns, poultry houses, fisheries and other food service environments.

The Washdown Air Circulators feature an all-stainless steel motor with a motor washdown specification of IEC-IP55. Other features include non-oscillating blades, one phase, TENV (totally enclosed, non-vented) and a ball bearing. The Washdown Air Circulators are available with a non-adjustable pedestal or wall mount.

“Airmaster’s series of Washdown Air Circulators are specifically designed to operate in potentially dirty environments that can allow for daily washdown cleaning,” said Greg Helbling, vice president of sales and marketing at Airmaster. “We wanted to deliver a product that could provide a solution for these niche applications without affecting performance or function.”