Alfra P line of magnetic drills

The new ALFRA P line of magnetic drills is being introduced in March 2014.

Alfra P lineALFRA, manufacturer of magnetic drilling equipment, has patented new magnetic and motor control technology for its new line of drills.


  • Patented magnetic base technology. Non-electrical, hand lever actuated. Able to adhere to exceptionally thin materials. Predetermined residual magnetism enables operator to position drill before engaging magnet. Exceptional shear lift of thin materials.
  • Automatic safety shut off feature with monitor feedback system before lifting off.
  • Innovative motor control system. No more circuit boards. All controls are in the motor, resulting in reduced maintenance costs.
  • Drill performance LCD indicator panel tells operator RPMs, downward pressure in pounds, and hours on drill during operation.
  • Infinitely variable RPMs for right and left operation just by turning the motor control cap. Excellent for TCT and HSS cutters and various sizes.
  • New Patented slide with self-adjusting tension so that motor stays where the operator wants it.
  • Additional height adjustment to convert to magnetic jobber drill.
  • Drills will be able to use all Weldon shank annular cutters.
  • New coolant system with high-volume internal fluid reservoir. Allows 50% increase in holes before re-filling coolant tank. Processor controlled fluid pump maximizes fluid life.
  • Optional Bluetooth operation provides app for RPMs, cutter selection, etc.