Posted September 4, 2019

Allied Machine Solution Hub app

Allied Machine & Engineering released its free mobile app, Solution Hub, available now for download on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

Allied Machine Solution HubThe app is an expansion of the original Allied Machine app, now reimagined as a centralized “hub” of Allied product information and holemaking solutions. Solution Hub offers quick access to free online utilities, videos, tap drill charts, operation manuals, technical guides, and digital catalogs for drilling, boring, threading, reaming, roller-burnishing, and more. With its sleek design, customers get all the essential components of Allied Machine’s website in a mobile-friendly layout for easier, on-the-go navigation.

Find product details, watch tool demos, and flip through Allied Machine’s extensive lineup of holemaking solutions on the Solution Hub. Machine operators can find data on everything from shank options and diameter ranges for the 4TEX indexable carbide drill to NPT and Unified National tap drill charts. Handy resources also include a collection of Wohlhaupter operation manuals for the VarioBore, EK Grooving Head, Combi-Line, Alu-Line, and more. Flip through technical guides like Allied Machine’s illustrated pocket reference for thread milling or look for speed and feed recommendations in their Recommended Cutting Data Guide too.

In addition to Allied Machine’s product and application-based materials, the Solution Hub provides access to six free online utilities. Users can locate the right tool for both standard and unique holemaking/finishing applications with the Product Selector and Boring Insert Selector utilities. They can design, assemble, and save 2D drawings and 3D tool files with Wohlhaupter’s Tool-Architect and Allied’s ToolMD. Solution Hub includes Insta-Quote too which helps customers create their own custom tooling and generate a quote and drawing in minutes. Machine operators can also download the Insta-Code utility to generate, save, and transfer thread mill G-code programs easily between machining centers.