Amron pressure limiting valves

Amron International offers a versatile series of angled and inline pressure limiting valves.

Amron pressure limiting valveGauges and pneumatic equipment all too often fail due to extreme or stressful overpressure conditions. A safety valve-device in many cases is the last line of defense against critical failure! That’s why Amron International offers you a well-designed reliable series of new Inline and Angled Pressure Limiting Valves (ALV) with three different pressure ranges provided for each series.

Adjustable pre-set limiters assure the ALV will automatically close preventing pressure from exceeding a pre-set limit, and then to re-open when back flow pressure drops down below a 10% threshold. The ALV’s have a maximum inlet pressure of 3,000 PSI with our primary model having an adjustable outlet pressure range of between 500 to 1,000 PSI.

"Quality Control was first and foremost with the design and manufacture of our new Pressure Limiting Valve series," said Scott Ritchie, vice-president of Engineering and Manufacturing at Amron International. "We systematically improve product quality by producing products and services that consistently meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.”