Apex Automated Lockers for managing handheld electronic devices

Apex Supply Chain Technologies has introduced Axcess 6100 series automated locker systems to manage handheld electronics.

Apex Axcess 6100The solution is ideal for distribution centers and retail stores that increasingly rely on these devices.

The intelligent, self-service, cloud-based lockers automate management of critical assets, which could include handheld scanners, tablets, smart phones and radio headsets.

“Our cloud-based locker systems generate instant savings for distribution centers and retail stores by providing better control and visibility for these assets,” said Kent Savage, president and CEO of Apex. “While eliminating the replacement cost of a missing piece of equipment is significant, businesses are saving even more by keeping their people on the job, and not wasting time searching for missing devices.”

Axcess lockers automate check-out and check-in of devices through the use of personalized codes or identification cards. The Apex Trajectory Cloud, which is the brains behind each locker, records who took what, when and where. Trajectory delivers actionable reports, usage patterns and other data. It can send an automatic notification to supervisors and employees if a scanner is past-due to be returned, and even if it is due for maintenance.

With this greater level of control also comes more accountability among employees who then take more care with the handheld electronics they use. The system eliminates time lost checking out and checking in the assets on each shift, as well as time lost searching for missing devices.

For example, in the precisely-timed environment of a large distribution center, a handful of lost scanners could disrupt an entire shift. Axcess cloud-based lockers ensure that all scanners will be accounted for, fully charged and ready to go when needed, with no time lost searching for missing devices or queuing to check them in and out at each shift change.

Brick-and-mortar retail stores are under pressure to accommodate expanding consumer preferences to buy, collect and pay, and handheld electronic devices are important tools in that strategy. But any of these electronic devices that access customer information represent a risk to the company if not managed properly. When they are secured by an automated locker system, compliance with usage standards is assured and sales associates and their supervisors can eliminate time that was wasted searching for missing devices.