Posted December 17, 2019

BriskHeat wet-area cloth heating jackets

BriskHeat, a provider of flexible heating, insulating, and temperature controlling solutions, introduced its new line of wet-area cloth heating jackets.

BriskHeat wet-area heating jacketDesigned for use outdoors, indoors or in washdown locations, the heating jackets feature water-resistant designs and built-in insulation to maximize efficiency.

All versions of the wet-area cloth heating jackets are lightweight for easy installation and removal and include power cords and plugs, and the drum and IBC/tote heaters are plug-and-play with built-in controlling thermostats. Each jacket comes with a standard 360° grounded heating element and high-limit thermostat to maximize safety. Drum heaters fit standard 55-gallon drums, and IBC/tote heaters are adjustable to fit nearly any standard-size IBC/tote.

The custom heaters are also extremely versatile, with little restriction on length, width, or diameter. The absence of a form-fitting requirement adds to their affordability. Common applications include viscosity control, freeze protection, and temperature process control.

“BriskHeat’s new line of wet-area cloth heating jackets are designed for versatility in facility-maintenance applications under any weather conditions,” said Patrick Doyle, vice president of business development, BriskHeat. “With winter weather now here, many plant managers are in search of ways to protect devices to avoid system failures or production delays that can be caused by cold temperatures.”

The jackets may be used in industries including aerospace, agriculture, chemical, food processing, general manufacturing, oil and gas, petrochemical, plastics, power generation and more.