Posted June 10, 2015

CGW surface conditioning belts

CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels announced an investment of more than $250,000 in new manufacturing equipment and materials at its PASCO surface conditioning belt line facility.

CGW beltsThe investment provides CGW the ability to react quickly to the marketplace with competitively priced surface conditioning belts, the company said in a statement announcing the investment.

The CGW surface conditioning belt line includes 12 new belts available in brown (coarse) 120 grits, maroon (medium) 180 grits and blue (very fine) 320 grits. Dimensions include 3 inches by 21 inches, 1 inch by 72 inches, 4 inches by 54 inches and 4 inches by 72 inches.

CGW’s surface conditioning belt line consists of two styles of backings, X-flex and low stretch. The X-flex-backed belts, for handheld tools, are made with an increased amount of flexibility to reduce the probability of cracking. The low-stretch-backed belts, intended for stationary machines, are made for reliable dimension holding and do not stretch.

“Investing in new equipment and material allows CGW to be one of the most competitive converters in the marketplace,” said Joe O’ Mera, president, CGW-Camel Grinding Wheels/PASCO. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to produce these conditioning belts and supply them at a competitive price.”