Clamp-Rite stainless steel toggle clamps

Clamp-Rite expanded its line of manual toggle clamps to include new models made of stainless steel.

Clamp-Rite clampsThe new stainless steel clamps resist corrosion and heat, providing an economical Clamp-Rite workholding solution for OEMs and end-users in a broad range of industries.

“There are many applications that demand a clamp that is more robust than traditional steel models,” says Mark Heacock, sales leader for Clamp-Rite North America. “The new Clamp-Rite stainless steel toggle clamps are well-suited for outdoor use and food processing, as well as plating, finishing, chemical handling, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other high-temperature environments. They offer greater capabilities in a cost-effective package.”

Clamp-Rite is offering 13 stainless steel toggle clamp models in a variety of hold-down, latch and push/pull configurations. Hold-down and push/pull clamps are ideal fast-acting tools for securing material, while latching clamps are designed to hold lids, doors and molds in place. Holding capacities for the stainless steel clamps range from 560 N (125 lbf) to 8900 N (2,000 lbf).

All of the clamps’ metal parts, including the rivets, are constructed of stainless steel, so there are no places for corrosion to hide. Many of the clamps come with oil-resistant vinyl or PVC handles, which can be removed for high-temperature uses. The clamp bases feature industry standard mounting patterns for compatibility with existing equipment.