Desoutter ERXS NanoDriver

Desoutter Industrial Tools, supplier of electric and pneumatic industrial tool solutions, unveiled a new model of its NanoDriver, the ERXS.

Desoutter NanoDriverThe ERXS is ideal for precision fastening for extreme low torque ranges.

This innovative product is a transducerized tool and features a small diameter flexible industrial cable with an integrated vacuum system.

“The ideal use of the ERXS NanoDriver is the electronics industry or any industry that requires small assembly where traceability and accuracy, along with error proofing are needed,” stated Russ Hughes, Product Marketing Manager for Desoutter Industrial Tools.

The device can be used in both, a hand-held or fixtured capacity. The ergonomic design and light-weight, is ideal for hand-held operations due to its streamlined contour. The device includes a non-slip tool housing and highly flexible light-weight industrial cable. The built in accelerometer, with 24 volt input, can be used to turn on and off a vacuum pump for screws that cannot be fed or stainless steel screws that cannot be picked up with a magnetic bit.

The high-performance NanoDriver accommodates 4 mm wing shank bits for the smallest screws and includes safety critical repeatability.

The NanoDriver comes in three different sizes. The ERXS 20, ERXS 50 and the ERXS 80; they include an impressive torque range of .04 – 1.7 in/lbs, .06 – 4.4 in/lbs, and 1.3 – 7.0 in lbs, respectively. The maximum speed on all three models is 1,000 RPM.