Posted May 26, 2020

Dillon custom full-grip jaws

Dillon Manufacturing introduced custom full-grip jaws with special heights, diameters, materials, and configuration to securely grip any workpiece.

Dillon custom full-grip jawsThey can provide a matching serration location which is exactly perpendicular to the slots, and a solid gripping surface to provide more friction for drive, with reduced distortion. In addition, these special pie jaws can reduce and simplify set-up times, enhancing project profitability. Custom full-grip chuck jaws are made in the USA with industry-leading lead-times. They are available in A356 aluminum, 6061 aluminum, 1018 steel and cast iron. This latest workholding introduction compliments Dillon’s broad line of standard full-grip pie jaws, making them ideal for high speed machining, as well as precision boring, tapping, drilling and finishing across virtually all industrial markets.

These wrap-around type top jaws distribute more of the gripping pressure across the workpiece, reducing part distortion. Dillon custom full-grip jaws are available in serrated, tongue & groove serrated, Acme serrated, and square serrated designs.