Posted July 25, 2016

Union Butterfield Self-Locking Taps

Dormer Pramet puts a lock on fastener costs with its Union Butterfield brand of self-locking taps.

Union Butterfield self-locking tapsUtilizing specialized production equipment, this self-locking thread form can be produced on straight flute, spiral flute spiral point, roll form and even on the Union Butterfield line of high performance taps.

With improved holding power that lasts, the Union Butterfield self-locking tap design eliminates time intensive disassembly and assembly procedures and costly fasteners, chemical bonds, nylon plugs or other devices to maintain tightness. In short, the company’s taps provide efficiency in operation and cost.

A 30° wedge lock on the female thread creates a continuous spiral contact along the entire thread length for improved holding power versus standard thread forms.

Working with aluminum or other lightweight, soft materials? The optimum load distribution provided by Union Butterfield’s self-locking thread form eliminates thread stripping that is typical when clamping load is concentrated on fewer threads. Clamp load forces with the Union Butterfield self-locking thread design are spread evenly across all threads as compared to a conventional 60° thread form that puts clamping force only on the first few threads with the other threads receiving limited or not contact at all.

Ideal for transportation, medical or industrial use, the Union Butterfield Self-Locking taps will deliver holding power that lasts.