Posted August 16, 2021

Dynabrade clean air solutions and accessories

Dynabrade introduced an enhanced line of Raptor Vac Portable Vacuum Systems and Downdraft Tables.

Dynabrade Clean Air Solutions catalogThey are designed to aggressively capture dust and debris for a cleaner, safer workplace. These top-quality vacuums may be utilized in a wide variety of industries, such as woodworking shops, fiberglass fabricators, machine shops, auto body shops and more.

Raptor Vac Vacuums meet North American and international safety standards, and are offered in electric and pneumatic models, each with an efficient HEPA filter:

  • ORDINARY LOCATION Vacuums: Suitable for general source capture and dry cleanup on non-metallic surfaces such as woods and plastics.
  • DIVISION 2 Vacuums: Designed for workplaces where hazardous dust is not normally suspended in an ignitable concentration but may accidentally exist.
  • DIVISION 1 Vacuums: For dry-only collection where ignitable quantities of dust normally are or may be in suspension, or conductive dust may exist.
  • DIVISION 1 Vacuums with Immersion Separator: Guaranteed for safe recovery of combustible dusts, rendering hazardous material inert, using mineral oil as a neutralizing liquid.

Dynabrade offers a true plug-in-play system out of the box. Each vacuum system is equipped to support any one of Dynabrade's 150-plus vacuum tools. Convenient storage for tools and accessories can be found on all Clean Air Solution products.

A variety of accessories are also available including Dry Downdraft Tables, Metal Capture Stations and Tables, Vacuum Hose Assemblies, Filter Elements, Hose and Air-Line Accessories, Vacuum Cleaning Kits and Vacuum Trays.