Posted January 19, 2022

Emuge-Franken multipurpose thread mills

Emuge-Franken USA announced the launch of a new line of multipurpose thread mills designed for threading a wide range of standard materials efficiently and economically.

Emuge Multi-THREAD Ideal for job shop manufacturing where part applications and materials frequently change, Emuge MultiTHREAD Thread Mills provide a versatile solution for many threadmaking requirements.

MultiTHREAD Thread Mills enable shops to boost their production output and save on threadmaking costs, as fewer types of thread mills need to be stocked in the tool crib and the possibility of broken taps and scrapped parts are eliminated.

“MultiTHREAD cuts most materials that job shops encounter while providing thread accuracy, quality and finish with high process security and control,” said Marlon Blandon, Emuge-Franken USA Thread Milling product manager.

MultiTHREAD Thread Mills feature a proprietary TIN T21 coating developed by Emuge, which reduces chip welding and improves chip evacuation. MultiTHREAD Thread Mills also allow one tool to thread both through and blind holes and make right or left-hand threads. Two types of sub-micro grain carbide thread mills are offered – full form or single plane. Full form thread mills that machine threads in one timesaving cutting rotation, feature a rigid core diameter that reduces deflection. The single plane design enables one tool to produce multiple thread sizes and allows the pitch diameter to be controlled.