ESCO MILLHOG Mini Electric Pipe Beveling Tool

Esco Tool introduced a new portable end prep tool that is ideal for metal fabricating shops and other applications where compressed air isn’t available.

Esco MillhogThe ESCO MILLHOG Mini Electric Pipe Beveling Tool features an 1800 Watt 110/230 VAC, 40-60 Hz motor and a self-centering draw rod mechanism that rigidly mounts into a tube or pipe I.D. Developed for end prep applications where compressed air is not available, it utilizes the same wedge-lock blade locking system as the air-powered model and pulls a thick chip without oils.

Suitable for boiler tubes and pipes from 1-1/4” I.D. to 6-5/8” O.D., the ESCO MILLHOG® Mini Electric Pipe Beveling Tool has 2-speed operation: Low speed of 18 RPM for stainless steel, P-91, and exotic alloys and High speed 60 RPM for mild and carbon steels. Ideal for repetitive end preps, it can perform any angle of prep including compound bevels and J-preps.