Posted August 19, 2020

Festool to launch CT 48 E AC Dust Extractor

Festool USA will launch the CT 48 E AC Dust Extractor on Oct. 1.

Festool CT 48 E AC dust extractorFestool designed the machine to capture high volumes of dust – including silica dust – and continue operating at peak efficiency due to its automatic cleaning mechanism. The AutoClean function enables the CT 48 E AC to maintain high suction power by automatically cleaning the main filter.

The CT 48 E AC makes full use of its 12.7-gallon (48 L) capacity due to its innovative flat filter design, which means big jobs get done faster with less maintenance effort. Whether concrete, wood, or drywall dust, the CT 48 E AC provides 137 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute) to ensure a clean worksite.

“The CT 48 E AC with AutoClean and high-performance HEPA filter combines both of the highest touted attributes that a dust extractor can have – large volume and excellent filtration,” said Rick Bush, VP of marketing for Festool. “With the CT 48 E AC, remodelers and woodworkers can attack dust and work cleaner.”

Features and Capabilities:

  • Easy & Efficient: The CT 48 E AC’s tool-triggered operation with Bluetooth compatibility, variable suction control and self-cleaning filter bag ensure jobsite cleanliness and optimal suction power.
  • High Capacity: Well suited for a diverse set of jobsite tasks, the CT 48 E AC meets the demands of large jobs and reduces downtime for emptying filter bags with its 48 L capacity.
  • OSHA Compliant: This new extractor is OSHA Table 1 compliant for materials containing silica dust.
  • Festool Compatible: Its large diameter tapered hose and included reducer allow for connection to all Festool tools with either a 36mm or a 27mm port.