Posted November 11, 2020

Festool T18 Easy Drill Driver

Festool USA’s new T18 Easy Drill Driver is part of Festool’s comprehensive cordless tool launch.

Festool T18 Easy Drill DriverIt’s compatible with Festool’s innovative Li-HighPower 4.0 HPC-ASI 18 V Battery Pack platform and comes packaged in Festool’s legendary Systainer tool storage system.

The T18 Easy’s ergonomic, light-weight and precision-performance design is ideal for completing jobs in tight spaces while limiting arm fatigue. The tool features a large drilling capacity; a ½” keyless chuck; optimum LED illumination for a well-lit work area; and integrated bit storage.

“For Festool, the new T18 Easy Drill Driver demonstrates our continued commitment as a company to offer exceptional tools at a terrific overall value,” said Rick Bush, VP of marketing for Festool. “We refer to this tool as the T18 Easy because it’s easy to appreciate the value of a precision-engineered, durable and affordable drill that every tradesman and DIY hobbyist needs in the workshop and on the jobsite.”

Festool’s complete line of new cordless tools, including the T18 Easy, is German-engineered for premium quality and durability, and all carry the company’s 3-year all-inclusive warranty. The warranty covers the tool, battery and charger against wear-and-tear, and is the best warranty in the industry. Festool delivers against this “gold standard” warranty with in-house resources, meaning Festool’s trained experts manage all service and warranty requests. This “vertical integration” not only allows Festool to turn-around most customer requests in two business days, but also guarantees a quality of workmanship and trust that out-sourcing cannot match.

For customers already on Festool’s battery platform, the T18 Easy is available starting at $199, which includes the tool and belt clip. The tool is also available as part of the T18 Easy Plus set, starting at $299, that also includes two battery packs and the TCL 6 rapid charger. The tool comes packaged in Festool’s legendary Systainer storage system.