Posted December 22, 2016

120 mm Airomatic Polyactuator from Firestone Industrial Products

Firestone Industrial Products Company expanded its line of powerful Airomatic polyactuators to include a new 120 mm option—the largest pneumatic polyactuator available on the market.

Firestone Airomatic PolyactuatorThe new size joins the company’s 50 mm and 70 mm options.

"By adding a 120 mm polyactuator to our Airomatic line we are expanding the design options available to our customers and filling a void in the industry," said Mary Kay Bryja, division marketing manager, FSIP. “We’ve developed an exceptional way to pack an incredible amount of force into a tiny space, which can be invaluable in many of today’s high-tech industrial environments."

Despite its compact size, the 120 mm Airomatic polyactuator can deliver 500 pounds of stroke per inch. Additionally, multiple polyactuators can be "daisy chained" together via tubing, allowing them to operate as a single unit and deliver an even force. The product’s compact size also lends increased flexibility for conveyor designs, as it requires a clearance of only 0.6 inches (15 mm), and unlike alternative technologies, there are no pistons, rods or sliding seals to design around.

Airomatic polyactuators are constructed from two pieces of polyurethane welded together to form a tight, tough seal, and have been lab tested for 5-million cycles without product failure or performance degradation. Airomatic polyactuators are commonly used to assist in conveyor transfer sections and roller brakes, but can be employed in any application requiring small pressure and stroke and are about a 1/3 of the cost of pancake cylinders. And because they require no oil, Airomatic polyactuators make it easier to keep the environment clean.

FSIP is the original developer of multi-use air spring technology. The company’s sophisticated rubber and fabric products are used for technologically advanced actuation, isolation and pick-and-place solutions for a broad range of industrial and non-vehicular applications. Products include the rugged Airstroke actuator, Airmount isolators, Marsh Mellow springs, and Air Picker and Air Gripper end effectors. From scissor lifts to commercial laundry machines, vibrating bin hoppers to compressors, and copier drums to bottle pick-and-place, the ways in which this technology can help industries is vast.