Posted July 13, 2020

Flexbar barrier guard for social distancing

Flexbar Machine Corporation has introduced its new movable, multiple function barrier guard to help maintain social distancing.

PANELGUARD JUNIORFlexbar’s new PANELGUARD JUNIOR is a flexible, modular multi-panel expandable system that can be used anywhere people are working closely together. Use on desks, counters, workbenches, or table areas to provide physical separation, limit the spread of airborne droplets from coughing and sneezing and to help maintain social distance.

Easily installed, PANELGUARD JUNIOR can be safely used almost anywhere including:
offices, schools, sales and customer service counters, labs, and manufacturing facilities.

The Flexbar PANELGUARD JUNIOR basic starter system has two modular panels, each 16"W x 36"H which are connected by a flexible hinge and opens 34" across. The simple construction conforms to fit both straight and angled setup configurations. Each panel has crystal clear high impact resistant Lexan, which gives employees protection while still being able to see and work comfortably. Add single or double panels to expand the system to your desired workspace.

Easily expandable to larger 3-panel systems or more. Order as many of the 1-panel expansions necessary to quickly make a barrier as large as you need.