Posted January 22, 2020

Gemtex CutFlex file sanding belts

Gemtex file belts are an excellent choice for weld removal and finishing applications involving hard to reach areas with limited access.

Gemtex CutFlex file sanding beltsA wide range of aluminum oxide, zirconia and ceramic narrow belts enables the end user to accomplish a broad number of applications on a wide variety of materials.

APPLICATIONS: light to medium weld removal, shaping, blending and contouring, surface preparation, deburring and finishing on all metals. Size Range: 3/8-inch x 13-inch; ½-inch x 12-inch; ½-inch x 18-inch; ½-inch x 24-inch; ¾-inch x 18-inch, ¾-inch x 20 1/2-inch.

Grit range: 36 to 400 grit.