Posted May 18, 2018

Gemtex ceramic resin fibre disc

The new Ceramic Ultra-X grain is manufactured in a new way that results in a much finer crystalline structure.

Ceramic Ultra-X Ceramic Ultra-X

Such a unique mineral fracture provides the abrasive product with a longer life, and more aggressive grains with an improved self-sharpening effect. Significant performance advantages include a higher metal removal rate at faster cutting speeds with a lower grinding temperature and less friction. All of which correlate to shorter cycle times and less disc changes, resulting in reduced cost per part and an excellent cost/performance ratio.

In addition, the Ceramic Ultra-X line is top-sized. A top-sized product can positively impact the workpiece through a reduction in metal discoloration/oxidation, as well as minimal heat related stress cracks. It can also benefit the abrasive through reduced loading, glazing and dulling.