Posted February 9, 2022

Gorbel Hybrid Work Station Crane

Gorbel's Hybrid Workstation Crane is an extension of its enclosed track work station crane.

Gorbel Hybrid Workstation CraneHybrid Cranes combine the strength and durability of patented track with the lightweight advantages of Gorbel’s aluminum enclosed track bridges. Utilizing these two features together allows for greater installation flexibility to meet longer support centers. It also allows for multiple higher capacity bridges to be utilized on a single crane, with no buffers.

Here are some key features of the Hybrid Work Station Cranes:

  • Support Centers up to 50’ – With extended support centers there’s fewer floor obstructions. This means an easier installation and more flexibility in the location of your install.
  • Multiple bridges with no buffer– Utilizing Gorbel’s Tarca supports and runways allows you to support multiple 1000# to 4000# work station crane bridges, without buffers, on a single free standing or ceiling mounted crane system. One Hybrid crane can support multiple work stations or an entire process flow without losing usable crane coverage area to buffers.
  • Manual Push/Pull– Optimized for easy manual movement with a custom motorized solution available as well. Or combine with higher capacity, motorized Tarca Patented Track bridge all in a single solution.
  • Complete Lifting Solution – incorporate a GS Hoist, a G-Force lifting device, or both for a complete integrated system. Out of the box, plug and play available for the GS Hoist.

"Gorbel has been custom configuring Hybrid Cranes for years and now we’ve utilized that experience to optimize and standardize the solution for our customers,” said Scott Goforth, product marketing manager. “This solution fits a unique, but growing niche we are seeing in the industry and we are extremely excited to bring another innovative product to the market that will expand our capability to meet the high standards our customers have come to expect from Gorbel.”