Posted February 5, 2020

Hamilton Caster casters and wheels for 10-mph speeds

Hamilton Caster introduced four new caster series and five new wheel series designed to transport heavy loads safely up to 10-mph.

Spinfity XC Caster Renegade wheel
Spinfinity XC Caster Renegade wheel

The new 10-mph speed-rated Spinfinity XC Casters and Renegade Wheels are designed for heavy industrial applications with load requirement ranges from 1500 lbs. to 17,500 lbs.

“Too many try to push their industrial casters beyond their typical 3-mph rating to no good end. Using these new casters and wheels designed specifically for 10-mph speeds, those days are over,” said Jim Lippert, vice president of sales.

Hamilton’s engineering department began the design of the new Spinfinity XC Caster Series with mounting plate and inner raceways that are forged steel formed from one piece then precision CNC-machined to provide a superior raceway for high-speed conditions. Next, engineers enhanced the casters with larger axles and massive double stacked precision ball bearings in the wheels to accommodate the higher speeds. Mindful of avoiding any downtime, engineers took the design a step further and added a new “V-Seal” for the swivel raceway. The new enhanced sealed raceway combined with the sealed precision ball bearings in the wheel qualify the casters to be 100 percent maintenance-free. All (4) caster series are offered in single-wheel and dual-wheel configurations.

To pair with the new Spinfinity XC Caster rigs, Hamilton is introducing five new heavy-duty Renegade Wheels offering three different polyurethane compounds and two different rubber compounds to cover a wide spectrum of industrial environments. The wheels are ultra-thick presson-tire-type with massive 1045 steel cores. Wheel diameters range from 9-inch up to 36-inch and load capacities span 1500 lbs. to 34,000 lbs. Additional non-stock sizes are also available.