Posted November 28, 2017

Hamilton Caster unveils new powder coat system

Hamilton Caster announced expansion of its manufacturing capabilities with an advanced powder coating system.

Hamilton CasterThe new system was installed in Hamilton’s 100,000 square foot facility in Hamilton, Ohio, and became fully operational Nov. 1.

The automatic powder application system represents the latest technological advancements in the industry and supports Hamilton Caster’s commitment to premium product quality and its “Toughest on the Planet” motto.

“Up to this point we’ve always claimed our caster forgings, swivel construction, and wheels were the toughest on the planet, now we can add our product finish is too,” said Lee Burroughs, the project lead responsible for the design and installation of the new system.

New and existing Hamilton customers will benefit from a much more durable product finish that’s less prone to corrosion, resistant to tough chemicals, and can withstand challenging weather conditions. The new powder coating operation also increases productivity, reduces waste, and is more environmentally friendly.

“Hamilton Caster places a high priority on the modernization of our equipment and advancements in technology and this powder paint system represents a critical element in our overall growth strategy," said Dave Lippert, Hamilton company president.

The new system features the automatic application of Hamilton’s two primary colors plus a manual booth to accommodate customers’ special colors or textures. Hamilton selected two HAA polyester powders: a legendary Crimson Red was retained while a new brighter gray metallic appropriately named Platinum Powder replaces the traditional Battleship Gray. The Platinum Powder noticeably improves the caster’s aesthetics. The new system is housed in Hamilton’s forged steel caster rig production area fully integrated with its lean manufacturing operations. Hamilton’s medium and light duty casters will remain zinc-plated.