Posted May 5, 2020

Harrington Hoists expands TCL Series Lube Free Air Hoist Line

Harrington Hoists has expanded its high-performance TCL series Lube Free air hoist line to include threee ton and six ton capacities.

TCL Series 3-ton hoistPreviously released TCL capacities included ¼ through one ton models. These air hoists operate without air supply lubrication, which leaves the surrounding environment free of oil mist from air exhaust.

Harrington’s TCL hoists have an unlimited duty cycle for continuous operation, and extremely fast lifting for applications where speed is critical. These hoists feature precise load positioning with either pendant or cord control and an adjustable overload limiter that will automatically block air flow when an overload is detected. TCL air hoists are recommended for food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Standard features of the three and six ton TCL models include cast iron housing for strength and durability, a proven weather resistant powder coated finish, an internal disc brake that is protected from harsh environments.