Posted November 22, 2019

Harrington Hoists TCL Series lube free air hoists

Harrington Hoists recently introduced the new TCL Series lube free air hoists.

Harrington Hoists TCLThese hoists operate without air supply lubrication, which leaves the surrounding environment free of oil mist from the air exhaust, and are recommended for the food, chemical or pharmaceutical industries.

Harrington’s TCL Series hoists are available in ¼, ½ and 1 Ton capacities with either cord or pendant controls. They have an unlimited duty cycle for continuous operation and extremely fast lifting for applications where speed is critical.

Standard features include, a spring-loaded multi-vane motor design for fine feathering control, adjustable lifting and lowering speeds and an external speed adjustment screw that does not require tools to set specific speeds. The TCL lube free air hoists are extremely compact and are equipped with a heavy-duty disc motor brake system for reliable load support.