Posted February 19, 2019

Harrington Hoists Model HSDSB Standard Duty Spreader Beam

Harrington Hoists introduced the HSDSB Standard Duty Spreader Beam which can be used where headroom is not limited such as in outdoor construction applications.

HSDSB Standard Duty Spreader BeamIt is available in 2 through 40 Ton capacities with outside spreads from 4 to 24 feet.

This style of spreader beam utilizes an upper rigging spread between two lift points which adds extra stability to the lift. It is supplied with a pair of heavy-duty swivel hooks. Additional lift points and hardware are available as options.

The HSDSB is engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2 and has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to 500,000 load cycles. All HSDSB, Standard Duty Spreader Beams are proof-tested to 125% capacity.