Harrington Food Grade Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington Hoists introduced a new line of Food Grade electric chain hoists known as the NER-FG Series.

Harrington NER-FGThese hoists are available in capacities from 1/4 ton through 2 ton and are offered in standard single-speed and under-the-cover, variable frequency drive, dual speed. Food Grade hoists can easily be coupled with Harrington’s push, geared or motorized trolleys and are intended for use in any facility where incidental contact with product is a concern.

Harrington’s Food Grade hoists include the standard features of white epoxy paint for hoists, trolleys, hooks and suspenders, nickel-plated load chain, canvas chain container, food grade lubricants in compliance with FDA standards, and stainless steel and nickel-plated components. Many options are also available to meet individual application requirements such as a stainless steel bottom hook, stainless steel trolley wheels, stainless steel side guide rollers, nickel-plated shaft and suspender, stainless steel or plastic chain container, Nickel-diffused load chain, NEMA 4 pendant, pendant cover, stainless steel chain spring and limiting plate, stainless steel cushion rubber and a nickel-plated stopper.

NER-FG food grade hoists include all of the top quality features of Harrington’s standard N/ER three phase electric chain hoists such as “The Guardian” Smart Brake Technology - a failsafe maintenance-free brake with a 10 year warranty, extreme duty 60-minute rated motor and a completely sealed hoist body suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.