Posted February 26, 2020

ID Label Eco Tote Renew

ID Label Inc. has introduced Eco Tote Renew, a new eco-friendly, linerless version of its popular tote labeling solution.

Eco Tote RenewEco Tote Renew is a durable label holder that applies permanently to reusable warehouse containers. Its coated surface makes it easy to apply and remove barcode tracking labels. There’s no need for scraping off old labels or dealing with the error-prone mess of multiple labels stacked on each other.

“The Tote Renew system with removable labels is brilliant,” said Curtis Walker, a technical analyst with Albertsons. “It’s easy for us to label and relabel our totes without destroying them or entering bad information into our inventory system.”

Eco Tote Renew™ is a cost-effective way to track and manage reusable warehouse containers, eliminating the need for plastic sleeves or placards to house labels on totes and containers. With its sturdy construction, it helps extend the useful life of containers and supports interchangeable tote usage among a network of distribution centers.

Eco-Friendly, Linerless Construction
“In warehousing and logistics, linerless labels are a growing trend,” said Neal Lulofs, ID Label’s chief marketing officer. “They not only support green initiatives. They’re also easier to apply and they’re safer for workers because there aren’t any slick, discarded liners lying on the floor.”

ID Label designed Eco Tote Renew with today’s smart warehouse in mind where speed, efficiency and accuracy are top priorities.

Key Features:

• Easy-release surface—Apply barcode tracking labels to the Eco Tote Renew™ label holder and easily remove them time after time. There’s no residue, gunk or labor-intensive clean-up.
• Cost effective—Eliminates need for costly plastic sleeves or placards.
• Eliminates scan errors—Avoid potential scan errors and mistakes from partially exposed, previously used barcode labels.
• Eco friendly—New linerless version eliminates excess environmental waste and supports organizations’ green initiatives.
• Durable—Eco Tote Renew extends the useful life of totes and supports interchangeable use among your network of distribution centers.