Posted January 17, 2017

IPA Diamond Grinding Wheel

Innovative Products of America (IPA) announced the #8150 4.5" Diamond Grinding Wheel.

IPA diamond grinding wheelThe disc's innovative, three-dimensional contour with topside abrasive coating and thin profile edge allows for cutting, back cutting, gully cutting and bead finishing with one wheel.

The #8150 provides unmatched versatility with its highly durable, diamond, abrasive coating. The disc maintains its size and shape throughout its extremely long life, providing consistent reach and performance when dressing welds, accessing corners and more.

"Compared to other grinding wheels, the 4.5" Diamond Grinding Wheel provides a long-lasting, cleaner and faster cut, saving both time and cost. Depending upon the application, they will last between 20 and 60 times longer than the standard wheel," says Ian Vinci, vice president of IPA.