ITW Muller robotic pallet wrapper

ITW Muller introduced its GW-4100 40” robotic pallet wrapper.

GW-4100The newly designed carriage offers twice the speed, throughput and battery life compared to the standard GW-4100. Like its predecessor, the GW-4100 40” offers increased product protection and wrapping consistency, improved employee safety, less waste and significant time and cost-savings over hand-wrapping.

“The 40” carriage was specifically developed to accommodate the need to wrap larger loads while simultaneously decreasing cost and maintenance,” says Michael Klear, Sales and Marketing Director, ITW Muller.

The GW- 4100 40” robotic pallet wrapper boasts speeds of 60 loads/hr and comes standard with a telescoping mast that allows for easy mobility, accommodating loads up to 110” high. Its built-in film cutter cuts film at completion of wrap cycles and minimizes risk of operator injury. In addition, the GW-4100 40” has an independent top and bottom wrap pattern selection from 1-20 wraps. Optimized for use with ITW Muller Oriented Film, the film tension can be adjusted electronically from the control panel.

With a height adjustable mast, the GW-4100 40” can easily move around a warehouse and is easy to install, often up and running within minutes of installation. The technology is efficient and flexible- it can perform 400 loads per charge, comes pre-set with 99 wrap cycles and can be programed with an unlimited number of options.

The machine also offers several safety features including an emergency stop button, safety contact edge and low voltage which reduces shock hazard.