Posted July 8, 2020

Jan Fan releases six new products

Jan Fan, a Hunter Industrial Fan company specializing in a variety of industrial and mobile work fans, announces the release of six new products.

  • Jan Fan articulating arm fanArticulating Arm (pictured). The Articulating Arm offers fans, ranging up to 24 inches, direct airflow and light to a targeted area. The Articulating Arm also complies with OSHA standards.
  • LED Light. Compatible with Jan Fan’s Articulating Arm and industrial air circulators, the LED Light features a 50,000-hour lifespan in a safety yellow color while staying cool to touch. Combined, the LED Light and Articulating Arm help increase employee safety and productivity by providing directional lighting and air movement.
  • Flexible Light Mount. The new Flexible Light Mount is a quick and convenient way to clip the LED Light directly to any 20, 24 or 30-inch Jan Fan.
  • Silver Cage. Traditionally available only in Jan Fan safety yellow, all fans are now available for purchase in a silver cage that also includes silver blades.
  • 277-Volt Motor. Jan Fan is also pleased to offer two new motor options for its products. The 277-volt motor is compatible with most large-scale facilities that contain a 277-volt power circuit, providing a convenient option for customers.
  • 240-Volt, 50-Hertz Motor. Additionally, Jan Fan is now able to offer its products internationally with a 240-volt, 50-hertz motor to accommodate customers across the globe.

“Our new products will provide customers with a variety of direct lighting and airflow options,” said Brian Salem, national sales manager for Jan Fan. “With the addition of the 240-volt, 50 hertz motor, we are also thrilled to serve customers internationally.”

Jan Fan, which has been in operation for more than 60 years, was acquired by Hunter Fan Company in 2019. Jan Fan’s products include heavy-duty pedestal fans, mounted fans, shop fans, floor fans and mobile fans.