Posted July 18, 2018

SENCO P-wire staplers

With its new 1-inch crown staplers, the PS15XP and PS15RXP, SENCO is helping to meet the challenges of higher density materials, while improving worker productivity and tool reliability.

SENCO P-wire staplerIncreased use of engineered lumber in applications such as furniture and cabinet manufacturing is driving the need for stronger fasteners and the tools to drive them into denser substrates. 

The increased driving power of the new P-wire staplers is due to a robust firing valve design, combined with a best-in-class motor, which makes the tools fast, powerful and efficient. A new formed steel EZ-Clear latch eliminates breathing in the drive track associated with traditional wire latches, to provide superior drivability.

In addition to the improved driving performance, SENCO’s P-wire staplers also incor-porate several productivity-enhancing features. A new drive track design, which in-cludes a more aggressive locking feature, virtually eliminates movement of staples in the magazine, translating into fewer jams, skips, and misfires. The tapered body also gives the tools an improved line of sight for faster, more accurate fastener place-ment.

“We specifically designed these new staplers to address industry trends and user de-mand for more robust, harder-working tools,” says Ryan Schuler, associate product manager, heavy construction at SENCO. “They are constructed of durable, high-strength materials for extreme performance and long life.”

The P-wire staplers come in two versions: the PS15XP for applications such as wire lathing, foam insulation, furniture and cabinet frames; and the PS15RXP for roofing applications such as asphalt and fiberglass shingles, roofing felt, and foam insulation board.

Both the PS15XP and PS15RXP drive 1-inch crown 16-gauge staples, 5/8 inches to 1 ½ inches.