Posted May 7, 2018

Liftomatic Ergo-PWPL-750 drum handling transport

Liftomatic Material Handling recently introduced the Ergo-PWPL-750 powered drum handling transport.

Liftomatic Ergo-PWPL-750The Ergo-PWPL-750 is a completely self-contained, powered drum handling transport that engages, lifts, lowers and moves all steel, plastic and fiber drums. The unit incorporates power drive forward and reverse, as well as power lift and lower features for moving drums quickly and safely in plants, warehouses and laboratories. Varying weight capacities are available between 650 and 1000 pounds. As part of Liftomatic’s Ergo-Matic line, the unit is equipped with a fully programmable set of controls for easy operator adjustment.

Additional features include regenerative braking, available in straddle leg or fully counterbalanced versions, as well as EE and spark resistant ratings. All Ergo-Matic models incorporate Liftomatic's exclusive Parrot-Beak clamping mechanism, which allows the operator to safely and securely grip the drum lip throughout the pick-up and release process.