Posted June 14, 2022

Little Beaver anchoring equipment

Little Beaver’s anchoring equipment allows installers to quickly secure utility towers to solid ground, which prevents towers from shifting or moving off footings during a storm or strong winds.

Little BeaverThe equipment package includes an 11-horsepower hydraulic drill, a high-torque handle and an anchoring adapter and it can install each anchor in about a minute.

The drill’s compact body and portable hydraulic power pack make it easy to anchor in remote locations and cramped worksites. For instance, an all-terrain vehicle can transport the hydraulic drill and attachments. Other drills require using a carrier, such as a backhoe or skidsteer, to hold and power the drill, making it difficult to maneuver the carrier through narrow worksites. Rather than transporting a bulky air compressor or generator, Little Beaver’s unit is powered by a hydraulic power pack on a three-wheeled steel carriage. A Honda gas engine or Kohler diesel engine powers the pack’s hydraulic pump, providing the drill, or any other hydraulic hand tool, with a 6-gallon-per-minute hydraulic flow rate. Since the power pack is self-contained, there’s minimal risk of fuel and hydraulic oil leaks.

The drill maximizes productivity with its easy-to-use controls; simply move the positioning lever between forward, neutral or reverse. The reverse position makes removing anchors as easy as installing them.