Posted October 9, 2019

Makita 40V max XGT

Makita announced the release of the 40V max XGT, a new standalone cordless system of tools, equipment, batteries and chargers.

Makita LXT and XGTXGT will stand side-by-side with the industry-leading 18V LXT System, giving users more battery-powered solutions for a truly cordless job site.

“Since the launch of 18 volt LXT in 2005, Makita has been leading the way in cordless tool innovation and technology,” said Ken Hefley, executive vice president, marketing, Makita U.S.A. “LXT was a breakthrough with the world’s first 18 volt lithium-ion cordless tool system, giving users 18 volt power with 12 volt weight. Today, with the addition of the new 40 volt max XGT System and the continuing expansion of LXT, users win with more ways to work efficiently without traditional power sources.”

XGT is engineered for select higher-demand applications as the industry pushes the transition to battery power. Although the 40V max XGT batteries look similar in size to 18V LXT batteries, XGT is a new system with its own tools, equipment, batteries, and chargers. XGT will launch first in Japan and will be available in the United States in late 2020.

LXT, the industry’s leading cordless system for the professional trades, currently has over 225 products that are meeting the demands of users across a wide range of applications, with even more products on the way. Makita will continue to invest heavily in LXT, and there is a tremendous roadmap of new LXT products in the pipeline for trade users in all segments. In fact, there will be over 250 18V LXT products in 2020.

“Makita’s global focus is innovation and new technology, with tools and equipment that make life better for professional users,” said Hefley. “Expansion is the direction for all fronts of our business, and it is supported with heavy investments for today, tomorrow and the future. The market is changing and will continue to change, and Makita is positioned in a strong leadership position.”