Posted May 4, 2021

All-weather tacticle warning plate

Mar-Bal Inc. is launching its CastIron premium gray iron detectable warning plate.

CastIron detectable warning plateMade in the USA, this cast iron plate was developed to be installer friendly while meeting or exceeding ADA and DOT specifications for detectable warnings.

Designed for use in cold harsh climates with snow removal concerns, as well as entities desiring longer-term durability, the CastIron plates feature premium Class 35 grade gray iron strength–the highest level made in the USA. A unique “rib” design makes it lighter (45.0 lbs.) than standard competitive plates on the market. This equates to an easier and quicker installation without sacrificing strength or rigidity.

Installations are further simplified by a central vent hole that releases trapped air, which also provides an evenset with no ensuing bubbles. Additionally, an advanced interlocking system fits easily and securely for perfectly aligned multiple-unit/adjacent plate installations.

Already one of the industry’s most complete lines of ADA compliant tactile warning surfaces, the addition of DWS’ CastIron superior slip-resistant truncated dome plates offers contractors, distributors, states, and municipalities a durable, proven tactile warning product specifically designed for easier installations and backed by a 7-year warranty.